Fiberglass Doors

Majesticon’s Fiberglass doors are designed with high-definition profiles that capture the beauty and elegance of a wood door but offer the low-maintenance and convenience of fiberglass.

Standard Features:

  1. 6 5/8” x 1 1/2″ all uPVC welded frame including sill with full aluminum reinforcement
  2. Fiberglass Panel available in Smooth or Textured surface ready for paint or stain
  3. Weeped sill with offset drainage channels and a clear aluminum anodized sill cover
  4. Adjustable self-draining sweep with superior multi-bulb fin system and exterior cover
  5. 4 Ball Bearing Hinges standard on 6’8″ height doors & 5 Hinges on 8″ height doors in ultra steel finish
  6. Foam Compression Weather Stripping
  7. Preparation for hardware (One Hole 2 ⅛”) with stainless steel adjustable strike plate
  8. When ordering, all hinging should be viewed from outside